Why IYI Party

Since its foundation, IYI Party has been absolutely determined to illuminate the path for both the symbolic figures of Turkish politics with their patriotic stance and the silent majority who seeks a hopeful future. It is in my belief that our organization can serve as a single roof, under which every patriotic Turkish citizen can meet on a common ground, regardless of the extent of their participation in politics.

The IYI Party plays a significant role not only for the future of Türkiye, but also for the political participation of women. And its history stands as a successful testament in this regard. IYI Party provides ample opportunities for women to actively participate in political life. The number of female members in the Party continues to gradually rise with each passing day, which is highly crucial in ensuring broader representation for women in the Turkish political scene. In that sense, as a part of IYI Party, I wish to advance increased participation for women in politics and contribute to building a better future for Türkiye.

Both in local organizations and among the party management, I had the chance to personally witness this inclusive and embracive structure of IYI Party, of which I have always been proud to call myself a member since its foundations. My observations and experiences under IYI Party have instilled in me time and again the feeling that I have been engaged and will continue to engage in politics in the right place at such a pivotal time where we have come to a crossroads for the bright future of our country. I, Nimet Özdemir, an entrepreneur, patriot and mother, am genuinely happy to take my part in IYI Party on this quest for a better Türkiye, knowing very well that I am where I need to be for my country and our future.